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2017   March   12

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Children`s Book Council of Iran
100 Books of Peydayesh Publishing House Among Selected Works for Iranian Children And Young Adults.
18 new books of Peydayesh Publishing House found their ways into the newest list of selected works for children and young adults. This list is prepared by Children’s Book Council of Iran and covers all publications during 2008, 2009 and 2010.
To prepare this list more than 200 experts and members of work groups of Children’s Books Council have worked hard on bibliography of 1438 books of all genres, including literatures, novels, plays, poems, reference books, philosophy, religious literature, social knowledge, science, works written by children and young adults, art, games and entertainments, biographies and electronic publications.
The bibliography has covered all books published during the three years period for children and young adults and consists of a summary and a short review of all books that presently is published on CDs which will be followed by a book in near future.
The names of Peydayesh Publishing House’s books selected for this list are as below:

Ancient literature:

Nabāt Khānoomi 
    The Rolling Pumpkin
Namaki     Nokhodi
The Amazing Stories of Shahnameh
    The Sweet Fable of Darab Nama
The Delightful Stories of one Thousand and One Nights 2
    The Delightful Stories of one Thousand and One Nights 3
Zahr-al Rabi, A book of sweet humor and comedy
    Nizāmi Aroozi’s Four Articles
The Sweet Travelogue of N?sir Khusraw

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