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2017   March   12

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Addressing three age groups of kids, young adults and the youth,Peydayesh Publication House was first founded by Mohsen Taeb in 1989; for the betterment and promotion of readers’ taste. While considering the essential principle of variety in its works, Peydayesh has made a constant effort to reach the above mentioned goal thorough following three chief policies:

  1. Benefiting from the expertise and knowledge of experienced councilors or masters of children’s literature;
  2. Publication and presentation of renowned authors or translators’ works;
  3. Utilizing the global experiences about book publication, via its efficient presence in the world’s different book fairs.

Peydayesh publication during its long cultural activity, has published hundreds of books concerning various subjects like: fiction, science, history, theology, psycology,medicine, computer and IT, poetry and comedy books.

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