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2017   March   12

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Award Winners
We are proud to be the publisher of the authors whose books have been honored by prestigious literary foundations and peer organizations. The books below were either finalists or winners of the awards noted. Click on a title link to learn more about that particular book and author.
The legends of Haft Peykar (Seven Figures)
Sang-e Saboor (The Patience Stone)

A collection of A new story‌ of the legend‌ of...
Helli Fesgheli in Giants
I will be green
Sparrows Stories

Twice Upon a Time

A Letter From Heaven 1


A Letter From Heaven 2


The Third Rider


The Cypresses Die standing on Foot

Solar Girls


The Legend of White Mane Lion


The Legend of The Wizard of Bolinaz


Forty Windows

The Enchanting Jokes and Humorous Words of Obeiyd Zakani 


The Delightful Stories of The ArabianNights1


The Delightful Stories of The One Thousand and One Nights (2) 


The Delightful Stories of The One Thousand and One Nights 3


Nizami Aruzi’s Four Articles (12th Century) 



Zahr-al Rabi, A book of sweet humor and comedy (18th Century)


The Sweet Fable of Darab Nama 


The Sweet Safarnama(The book of Travels) Nasir Khosrow (11th Century)


Sweet Stories of Jami’s Haft Awrang (15th Century)


Saib Tabrizi’s Sweet Sonnets (17th Century)


The Sweet Story of Salaman and Absal (15th Century)



Panchatantra (Calila and Dimna) 1


The amazing Stories of Shahnameh (1)


The amazing Stories of Shahnameh (2)


The enchanting Stories of Fihe-ma-fih 


The Enchanting Stories of the Mouse and Cat 


The Pomegranate Lesson

Emperor of Words

Love and Mirror


The Awakening Epic

I Miss you so Much


This is For You My Lord!


Behind the scene in My Heart


Books for toddlers

Ashi Mashi -the little Sparrow


Chichi the Crow



Whom Does God Miss?


The Story of the Stray Point

The Rolling Pumpkin


Nabat Khanoomi






I Won’t Look at the Mirror


The distance that grew old 


Biuk Agha 


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